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Coach & bus solutions

Solutions to support the coach & bus industry

Tracking your way to increased efficiency

With Masternaut’s vehicle and asset tracking, your fleet need never be out of sight or mind. Thanks to our web-based tracking solutions, you can enjoy ‘total visibility’, which will allow you to:

  • Reduce fuel costs, mileage and emissions
  • Increase productivity and resource utilisation
  • Improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime costs.

A full journey history for all your vehicles gives you a powerful and detailed audit trail. You can then easily identify and query any unexpected journeys.

Easily locate the nearest driver/vehicle with the appropriate skills in order to improve response times and reduce unnecessary mileage.

View the exact location of your fleet with Microsoft Virtual Earth Mapping.

Geofencing allows you to see when a vehicle has entered a certain zone, for example: London Congestion Charge Zone.

Fuel focus

The management of fuel is always an ongoing problem for your business. Getting accurate information on fuel performance is vital for controlling your costs and vehicle emissions. The Fuel Management facility allows you to record fuel purchases and link these to the actual mileage driven by the vehicle in your fleet.

Reducing engine idling

One of the key benefits available from utilising Masternaut’s vehicle tracking system is the ability to reduce excessive engine idling. Buses and coaches typically use a gallon of fuel per hour when ticking over in lay-bys, waiting at venues or even sat in the yard.

In a recent example, using Masternaut’s vehicle tracking system, one operator discovered that their vehicles were averaging a staggering 20 hours of idling time per week. For even a small fleet this can amount to significant amounts of wasted fuel and subsequently profit. Masternaut’s tracking system can be configured to provide automatic live alerts of vehicles which exceed preset idling time limits. These alerts can be delivered via SMS, email or on screen pop-up messages, providing the opportunity to detail the corrective action taken.

It couldn't be easier to save money on your operation!

Duty of Care

More and more companies are recognising the link between driving style, emissions and driver safety.

All employers have a Duty of Care to their employees and other people involved in their business. Masternaut tracking offers features to ensure that your drivers are safe. Daily summaries show drivers’ performance and alerts on three key measures;

  • Length of working day
  • Number of rest stops taken during continuous driving
  • Speeding (hence you are alerted to any driver who may be likely to have an accident).

Monitoring driver behaviour helps to identity where your employees are at risk and those who may require additional training.

Speeding is an important issue and using the speed monitoring feature, you can identify whether speeding is an occasional lapse or a repeat behaviour, easily identifying drivers where remedial action is required. This ensures that your employees are driving safely for their own protection and that of the general public.

Better driving is greener and safer too.

The GreenerFleetTM Speed Report

The GreenerFleet Speed ReportEnlarge This report allows you to look at the speeding performance of an individual driver over all journeys for a particular day. The screen uses the latest available information about the exact speed limit for each road travelled giving greater accuracy than ever before possible.

HourTrak - Working Time Directive Solution
Under the Corporate Manslaughter Act, organisations with mobile workforces must have accurate visibility of their team’s driving hours to ensure they are operating safely and in compliance with current regulation. Masternaut’s Working Time Directive Solution, HourTrak, gives you that peace of mind.

HourTrak, captures driving hours and periods of stop or rest so you can have a real-time view of what rest is required by each driver. This real-time visibility means you can act fast to avoid infringements before they happen, fully comply with regulations and effectively manage drivers throughout the reference period.

Back-office integration

Distinctive Systems

Distinctive SystemsWe at Masternaut have many years experience in the coach and bus sector and have worked closely with Distinctive Systems (provider of Coach Manager application). An industry sector specialist for the coach and bus industry is available at Masternaut to discuss your individual requirements.

Several projects have been undertaken in this sector to integrate planned information from Coach Manager with actual journey information from Masternaut’s vehicle tracking system. This can then be used in a variety of applications such as alerting late pick ups, reporting on service level agreements and ensuring efficient fleet utilisation.

Back Office IntegrationEnlargeOne example of how this link has been used effectively was with Chambers Coach’s Door-2-Door service. This is a ‘demand-responsive’ service for transporting disabled and elderly clients who find it difficult to use various forms of mainstream public transportation. Every day, the Door-2-Door drivers receive their job bookings from Coach Manager on their PDA’s so that they are able to react and provide superior response levels within a tightly defined operating window. This removes the need for telephone calls to the drivers or the provision of paper job sheets and ultimately reporting planned versus actual data.


CoachTracEnlarge Kings Ferry is working with Masternaut in order to track their vehicles and enhance customer service through utilising the link between Coach Manager and Masternaut’s tracking system. ‘CoachTrac’ allows Kings Ferry to track their commuter coaches up to the minute against planned routes; this is a bespoke application developed by Masternaut with a feed from Coach Manager. It provides customers with access to real time information about the coach’s location and progress, for example arrival, departure and pass stops and other reporting points. Customers can access this information by logging on to a website or using their WAP mobile phones or PDA’s.

The main key benefits include:

  • The freedom for customers to plan their jourmey around coach departure and arrival times
  • Reduces the stress of commuting for customers
  • Provides a superior journey experience for customers through reducing waiting time at stops.

A greener future

GreenerFleetTM is a powerful fleet management tool that enables companies to monitor driving style and behaviour that promotes safer and greener driving by their employees.

The key benefits include:

  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint
  • Fuel Management
  • Green Score (driver league table).

Carbon Calculator

Carbon CalculatorEnlargeThis can determine the Carbon Footprint and Green Score of your Fleet and individual drivers. It can be used to actively reduce your company’s Carbon Footprint and encourage greener driving behaviours, thus reducing fuel costs.

Fuel Data upload feature This allows you to electronically upload your fuel purchase data and when linked to Masternaut’s vehicle tracking solution, provides accurate mpg analysis.

Why use GreenerFleetTM? Masternaut has made the commitment to driving a greener future through the creation of GreenerFleetTM. Our aim is to help you on the journey towards increased sustainability and environmental responsibility.

No longer does this come at a cost to your organisation, because with GreenerFleetTM the benefits are clear. By driving down costs and improving your productivity, GreenerFleetTM will enable you to not only to drive a greener future, but also a more efficient and profitable organisation.

There has never been a time when climate change and the environment have been more in the public eye and under the scrutiny of the media. GreenerfleetTM provides a substantial opportunity for you to promote this aspect of your business to the media and to your customers.

Driving a Greener FleetTM

Using GreenerFleet™ will have a positive financial benefit. Looking at how people drive, routes selected, fleet and vehicle management will all have a positive improvement your carbon footprint and in turn operational costs.

The Kings Ferry

In partnership with Masternaut’s GreenerFleet initiative, The Kings Ferry has become the world's first carbon neutral coach company.

The Kings FerryEnlargeWith GreenerFleet's help, The Kings Ferry have reduced their carbon emissions, ensuring that they operate an environmentally efficient coach transport service which also means that any journeys their customers make with them will be carbon neutral too.

As part of an overall project The Kings Ferry are also investing in projects to improve living standards in developing countries and contributing to global climate initiatives including re-forestation schemes and bio-fuel development.

"We are proud of our achievement. It has further enhanced our reputation and leading position in the transportation sector."

The Kings Ferry.

Put your business on the big screen

VisuLiveEnlarge Having specific business information at exactly the right time is key to both short and long-term commercial success. VisuLive is a powerful tool which provides you with up-to-the-minute business-critical information to help channel your resources effectively, improve efficiency and unlock business potential; and not least mitigate any potential risks to your business performance.

VisuLive links with your vehicle tracking and mobile workforce solutions as well as existing back office systems, for example Coach Manager. It displays the information on large cinema-style screens for all to see.

  • VisuLive ensures the right information is presented to the right people, at the right time.
  • Live alerts warn you when you need to take action, for example when a driver is running late.
  • Most importantly key performance indicators (KPIs) are always displayed, so you can react and drive results in real-time.

A selection of Masternaut Customers in the Coach and Bus sector:

The Kings Ferry Group, Chambers Coaches, Wilfreda Beehive, Golden Boy Coaches, Selwyns

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