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Asset track - for your plant & construction equipment

It's small, easy to fit and puts an end to the hassle of keeping your plant and machinery safe and secure.
Asset track gives you a simple and effective way to rapidly locate and recover stolen machinery 24/7. The moment an asset moves out of your pre-defined zone, asset track raises the alarm by instant email or text message to a mobile phone.

1.The Masternaut tracking device is covertly installed in the asset, out of sight and out of mind...

2....location updates are recorded and transmitted back to our servers to be viewed on the Masternaut system...

3....or via a web enabled mobile device using Masternaut RapideTM...

4....the information is easily accessed online and by email.

If an asset leaves site or the geofenced area an alert is raised and sent via SMS to your mobile and Email.

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