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The Greener Tracking Solution

  • Boost your customer service
  • Improve your productivity
  • Encourage Greener, Safer and more Economical driving
  • Reduce speeding and wear & tear

Greenerbox sets the standard when it comes to vehicle tracking solutions with groundbreaking fuelsaving technology built in. In an age of spiralling fuel costs, it aims to protect your profits by improving driver behaviour and giving you accurate visibility of fuel consumption, the way vehicles are being driven and alerting you to urgent maintenance needs

For example, Greenerbox will notify you when a warning or fault light comes on inside a vehicle, allowing proactive repair, rather than allowing a small fault to develop into a major one. This reduces wear and tear and extends the life of your fleet.


Greenerbox customers get free access to GreenerFleet, a unique emissions reduction tool that helps you improve driver behaviour and lower your carbon footprint. GreenerFleet processes data from the vehicle tracking system allowing you to quickly see your best performing drivers when it comes to speeding, engine idling and mileage. Using GreenerFleet, you can make your people more aware of green issues and encourage drivers to act safely and more responsible. This not only lowers your emissions but also lowers your fuel bills.

Remote Vehicle Intelligence & Insight

Real-time information about driver behaviour is more than just a convenience - it is a necessity.

Greenerbox with its non intrusive and contactless connection to your vehicles CANbus lets you:

  • Understand how vehicles are being used/driven
  • Improve the management of vehicle maintenance
  • Improve your employees driving habits for reduced fuel consumption, reduced risk of accidents and less vehicle wear and tear
  • Fulfil your duty of care requirements

Phone, Blackberry & Android Apps.

Even when you're out on the road you can stay in control. You simply need to download the special app we have created for your iPhone. You can view the exact movements of your entire mobile workforce with minute-by minute updates. This fantastic feature is standard for all Greenerbox vehicle tracking customers.
You can also access the system on other mobile phones and PDAs that have a web-browser.

Drive for Life

Masternaut customers. It is run in conjunction with BRAKE, the UK's road safety charity. It allows you to run your own safe driving competition, all scored automatically using information from your Greenerbox tracking solution. You have access to an online competition toolkit containing everything you need - from certificates and posters to download and even instructions on how to maximise PR and publicity around your best drivers. It's a highly effective way to engage and educate your teams about safe driving and duty of care. Greenerbox customers have free access to this essential tool.

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