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The Greener Tracking Solution for

Safer and more Economical Driving

What is Greenerbox?

Greenerbox is the new, next generation tracking solution from Masternaut. It features patented and unique fuelsaving technology designed to lower your fuel bills from day one. In addition, Greenerbox gives you total visibility of your vehicles allowing you to view live information on the current position and status of each vehicle and driver. This insight lets you boost your productivity and workforce utilisation as well as increase customer satisfaction.

How does Greenerbox work?

The Greenerbox vehicle tracking solution is based on a small and sophisticated GPS module that is installed discreetly inside each vehicle. The Greenerbox module also connects to the vehicles CANbus using patented contactless technology. This allows detailed information about fuel consumption and driving behaviour to be collected, without making a direct connection to the CAN, protecting your vehicles onboard systems. Greenerbox sends back information from your vehicles in real-time and can be accessed online from any web-browser* providing essential information to help drive your business.

*Not accessible on i-Macs

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