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Masternaut working with Ringway Jacobs

Masternaut customer, Ringway Jacobs are responsible for the safe running of the road network in the central London Boroughs providing cyclical maintenance activities and full network management as well as improvement schemes.

Every year, Ringway Jacobs manage millions of pounds worth of assets and tools. To transform the efficiency of their asset management, Masternaut fitted active RFID to items of Ringway's plant such as concrete breakers, Stihl saws and Chain saws. Tagged items are then read both on to and off the vehicles. Then using the X-ID (Reader) - the tag ID and GPS location is transmitted via the Masternaut MCU over the |GPRS network.

Once a vehicle leaves the site, any tagged items that are not loaded back on to the vehicle that were on the vehicle when it arrived on site will trigger an alert which will detail Asset ID and its location. In addition, they are able to find the nearest piece of plant to a location and see which vehicle it is on.

“A road closure on the TFL network is estimated to cost £1,000 per minute so the faster we can get a gang to site with the right tools the better the chance of minimising the road closure time.”
Mark Evans, Ringway Jacobs

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