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Your optimised routes will be displayed in a list view and on the map

How does Route Optimiser work?

You begin by importing a table of the drops/jobs you need to make including postcodes, specific slot times if applicable and also the places where the vehicles will set out from and return to at the end of the day.

Masternaut's route optimiser will automatically calculate the most effective routes including the best order to do the delivery drops. It will also choose the right vehicles to do them. The power of the optimising engine means that you save time, fuel, and offer better customer service. The optimised route will be colour coded and displayed conveniently on the map.

Can my customers ask for specific time slots?

The Masternaut route optimiser will estimate the travel time between stops hence giving an estimated ETA for each drop. If you have offered your customers specific time slots these can be included in the data imported. The optimiser will ensure that these deliveries/drops can be made within the appropriate time bands or alert you if a delivery is not possible.

Optimising historical routes

If you have existing 'master' routes these can be imported and further optimised to ensure maximum efficiency.

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