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Real-time temperature monitoring integrated with
the Masternaut tracking system.

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What is Mastercold?

MasterCold provides a complete solution dedicated to the refrigerated transport industry sector providing temperature information which is sent back in real-time via the Masternaut tracking system. It is invaluable in ensuring a safe and dependable cool-chain and ensures you are alerted the moment a chamber goes out of the required range. Integration of information with your tracking data allows you to prove the temperature that a load was transported at through a detailed audit trail. Mastercold will give you and your customers real competitive advantage in running an efficient and productive refrigerated transport operation.

How does the technology work?

The solution can be installed either directly in the vehicle or on trailers. Temperature probes are installed in the required chambers. These connect to the Masternaut tracking unit which is housed in a waterproof IP rated box (fitted externally). MasterCold has been designed to be compatible with all refrigeration units eliminating the need to use a temperature data logging device (although it is also compatible with a number of data loggers). It links with the Masternaut web interface and displays the information as reports and informative graphics, also allowing users to create and administer real time exception alerts.

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