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Vehicle tracking identification

Driver ID - See who was driving and when

  • Ideal where your vehicles are being driven by more than one person. Driver ID allows you to manage journey histories and driving information for individual drivers. Drivers are given their own unique keyring which is inserted each time they drive. The Masternaut vehicle tracking solution automatically separates the data for each person and means timesheets can easily be created for each employee.
  • A discreet ID key reader is fitted on the vehicle dashboard that links to the vehicle tracking system. If the key is not inserted, an audible alert reminds the driver to insert their ID keyring.
  • A combined dashboard button/reader is available for customers who want both Driver ID and a Privacy Button.

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Vehicle tracking privacy button

Privacy Button - For business and personal mileage

  • The privacy button allows the driver to disable live vehicle tracking when their vehicle is being used for private use. The tracking information is still captured for dealing with discrepancies, but the vehicle's current location is not shown on the locator screen or on the live map.
  • You are also able to easily separate business and private mileage. This helps you provide accurate information to the Inland Revenue when tax liability is calculated.
  • A small discreet privacy button is installed on the vehicle dashboard which connects to your Masternaut vehicle tracking system.
  • A combined dashboard button/reader is available for customers who want both Driver ID and a Privacy Button.

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Vehicle tracking data terminal

Vehicle Data Terminal - for two way communication

  • The vehicle data terminal (VDT) is a dashboard mounted communications device that is linked directly to your vehicle tracking hardware. With two-way communication it helps improve workflow by allowing your team on the road and your team in the office to communicate and exchange information in real-time.
  • Designed to be simple, quick and easy-to-use, the VDT features one-touch operation and is easily customisable to your particular needs.
  • Job scheduling and regular activities can be logged on the device (e.g. deliveries and service tasks). Users choose from a range of pre-configured answers for logging their work and responding to text messages.

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Vehciel tracking engine management

Engine Management - monitor driving styles

  • It's never been more important to keep an eye on every penny spent in your business. By linking to your vehicle's CANbus, Masternaut's Engine Management enhancement collects information about driver behaviours such as acceleration, braking, engine idling and road speed.
  • The CANbus solution identifies opportunities for improvement and helps you take a proactive approach to lowering your fuel costs, reducing your CO2 emissions and encouraging safer and more responsible driving habits.
  • Your vehicle's CANbus is connected to the Masternaut tracking solution. The FMS gateway of the vehicle's CAN must be open (the vehicle manufacturer can advise how to do this).

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Vehicle tracking intelligence

Vehicle Intelligence - link with vehicle PTOs (power take-offs)

  • To provide 100% visibility of your mobile workforce, Masternaut Vehicle Intelligence gives you a detailed insight into almost any event that generates an electronic response, like opening a door or tipping a load. You will know precisely what your workforce is doing, where and when.
  • This level of mobile workforce tracking provides robust documentation in support of service level agreements whilst real-time monitoring lets you compare actual activity against the plan and keep work flowing smoothly. By recording events taking place like doors opening or closing, sweeper brushes being activated or cranes picking up loads, the solution gives visibility of circumstances that could cause operational or security concerns so you can take action.
  • Information is relayed along with vehicle tracking data to be displayed via your secure web-portal. And real-time text or email alerts can be put in place make sure you have your finger on the pulse of your workforce minute-by-minute.

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Temperature tracking

Temperature Tracking - for temperature critical applications

  • Developed with the refrigerated transport sector in mind, Mastercold temperature tracking allows you to ensure that once your vehicles have left the depot they maintain the required temperature for the duration of the journey, and you don't break the cold-chain.
  • Mastercold temperature tracking can monitor the temperature in up to 4 separate compartments at any given time, giving you maximum flexibility for your loads. Temperature information is coupled with the vehicle tracking solution to provide complete visibility of your cargo temperatures, location and status.
  • Displayed via your secure web-portal the data is presented in easy graph and report format. Exception reports and alerts can also notify you via text or email of any temperature that falls outside a pre-defined range that you configure.

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Vehicle tracking tachograph interface

Tachograph Interface - Connects to your vehicles' tachographs

  • The tacho interface generates highly detailed data on the exact movements of any vehicle and driver. This powerful tool is connected directly to a vehicle's digital or analog tachograph and provides key information in real-time, such as working time, driving time, waiting time and rest times as well as periods of availability.
  • This data is integrated directly into your tracking solution and is managed through your secure web-portal. Data captured by the tacho interface can be integrated with other vehicle information, like location and speed, which means you can adhere to driving time restrictions, identify high risk areas and manage resources more effectively. The result is an in-depth 360 degree view of your workforce 24 hours a day.

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Vehicle tracking working time directive solution

Working Time Directive Solution - Manage driver hours simply

  • Organisations that manage mobile workforces operate in a minefield of legislation and regulation. Managing compliance and meeting deadlines is a must. Working time directives and duty of care legislation means that having an accurate view of a driver's working hours is absolutely vital. Our working time directive solution, HourTrak, logs the hours worked by each individual driver.
  • HourTrak captures driving hours and periods of stop or rest so you can have a real-time view of what rest is required by each driver. This real-time visibility means you can act fast to avoid infringements before they happen and comply with regulations.

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Vehicle tracking stolen vehicle recovery

Stolen Vehicle Tracking Recovery - Thatcham Category 5

  • Theft of vehicles causes downtime, disruption and lost profits. Masternaut Thatcham Cat 5 stolen vehicle recovery solution minimises this. Your drivers carry a small and discreet RFID tag in their pocket. This wirelessly makes a connection with the Masternaut vehicle tracking system when they get into the vehicle and verifies that an authorised driver is present.
  • If the vehicle is driven by someone without a tag, an alert is immediately raised notifying you that the vehicle may have been stolen. Real-time location information from the tracking system allows swift recovery and Police response. Additionally the Police can immobilise the vehicle remotely.

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Vehicle tracking onboard weighing

Onboard Weighing - stay safe and within the law

  • The Masternaut vehicle tracking solution can be linked to all the major onboard weighing solutions. This means that live real-time data about vehicle and individual axle weights are sent back and made available on your Masternaut site in real-time.
  • This live data is invaluable in ensuring you comply with vehicle weight legislation, especially since overloading can lead to hefty fines. The Masternaut system will capture an accurate audit trail about loading and unloading and will draw attention to any discrepancies that might indicate that your vehicles are being used for fraudulent activity.
  • Our accredited Masternaut engineers will connect the Masternaut vehicle tracking unit to the onboard weighing system on each of your vehicles.

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